Custom Automation Solutions

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Icon Automation provides a wide range of high quality automation solutions that help manufacturers deliver higher efficiency while minimizing downtime.

In addition to providing expertise in standard automation programming including Robotic, PLC, HMI, and Machine Vision, we use creative problem solving and custom application programming when traditional approaches fall short.

  • EFI Automotive

    “We had a piece of equipment under development that was in bad shape in terms of controls. Adam came in and rescued the development on this front, and helped to make sure the machine was launched on time! Adam also offered excellent support through initial production runs to keep production going. He is great to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about various aspects of machine controls.”

    - Industrialization Manager, EFI Automotive
  • Remington Arms Company, LLC

    “I have worked for several years with Adam and can confirm his integrity and work performance. I consider Adam as one of the top automation and controls engineers I have worked with during my career. He also possesses great social skills and is good at adapting to any kind of workplace environment.”

    - Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Remington Arms Company, LLC


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